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Monday, June 4, 2007

blog guests and lists

The Literacies Café is proud and happy to welcome our first guest blogger, Nancy Friday from Alpha - see the post Are you a blogger?

If anyone would like to join Nancy, please get in touch. After Nancy and I worked out a couple of bugs we found the process easey peasey.

Judi asked if there was a directory of blogs. Wendell suggested that "maybe Literacies would like to serve as a kind of link-hub for blogs". We are compiling a list of blogs we think may be of interest to literacy people - you can see the link to our blogs of note in the sidebar to the right - but this list is by no means comprehensive. We do not really have the resources to research and maintain a fully fledged directory. We will find out what NALD is doing about this and keep working on our 'blog roll'. We ask our readers to help by contacting us with any good blog links you would like to see included in our list.


Maria Moriarty(Alphaplus) said...

Ok - this is getting exciting...we have a place to connect... I know that there are many many blogs out there and it would be great to have some sort of link-hub - it takes some doing though - I'm not sure what NALD is doing but I am wondering if there isn't something we could try to do here at AlphaPlus - we will be posting our new blog very soon and of course will have links etc - but I think we could look at some of the blog directories and see what can be done there and also look into how we can contribute to bringing it all together... What do you think?

literacies publisher said...

i think it would be great if alpha took this on - you have the expertise and resources for this - we have neither. we can link to your perfect blog roll - and your perfect blog!

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