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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

manitoba initiative

Last fall, the Adult Secondary Education Council (ASEC)Manitoba started publishing a new journal. The inaugural issue of the Journal of Adult Learning in Manitoba features several interesting articles, including:

  • a history of adult literacy work in Manitoba
  • a practitioner's account of how her classroom has changed since she began approaching literacy as social practice
  • an article outlining how instructors can teach chemistry when they work in a site with no lab
  • a history of ASEC, which links teachers in adult high schools
The stunning artwork on the cover is by designer Kae Sasaki.

These days, it's rare to get good news about adult literacy work. How inspiring to see this new initiative from Manitoba. Long may JALM prosper!

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Wendell said...

This was a great read! I browsed it in PDF first, and then printed it off to pass around.

My only problem - when reading on-screen in PDF - was I got really engaged in one piece and spent an embarrassing amount of time scrolling up and down searching for the comment link.

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