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Friday, May 2, 2008

my husband norm

Here is a nice little diatribe by Stephen Fry (@ 2:25 until 3:55) about why work does not work:

May 3 is Shutdown Day.
I do not believe that "using computers, televisions and electronic gadgets is having a negative impact on society" or that "people are failing to socialize with each other" and "becoming outcasts" -- but it might not be a bad idea for the model employees to take a break. Maybe we should rent Liechtenstein.

Whatever you do -- have a great weekend.


FYI: QI is a BBC panel show where "none of the stellar line-up of comedians is expected to be able to answer any questions, and if anyone ends up with a positive score, they can be very happy with their performance." QI stands for 'quite interesting.' The theme for this episode was Europe.

Full disclosure: Julie Mollins is my sister.

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