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Friday, April 20, 2007

cheers! thank you all

We sent a message announcing that we are back, and here is what we heard:

Congratulations Tracey this is great news.
Wonderful news!! thank you for the information Tracey.
Thanks to the cool dude. All the best at your new shop!
Great topic.
Yeah!!! Glad to hear it.
Yayyyyy!! This is GREAT news! :)
Very good news! Glad your worth is being appreciated!
Congrats, Tracey and Tannis!
What wonderful news! Congratulations. Unfortunately, the "powers that be" never understand how much of a setback waiting for funding can be. It certainly takes the wind out of our sails. Hopefully you will be up and running very soon in all your former glory. I look forward to your September issue.
Bravo, Tracey. To the future!
WHOOO HOOOO! Congrats to all for hanging in there!
Congratulations Tracey...this is excellent news!
Great to have youy back in operation!
I’m very glad to know things are up and moving again.
I’ll look forward to hearing more,
Glad to hear the news about Literacies.
Great news, Tracey. Rock on.
Congrats on bringing Literacies back to life! Love the blog too. Lots of good stuff on there.

Thanks everybody ... it feels great to be back and even better to know you are happy about it as well.


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