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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the state of RiP

The next issue of Literacies will focus on the state of research and practice (RiP).We chose this focus because many people have serious questions about what will happen to RiP in the current funding climate.

Last year's groundbreaking study, Focused on Practice, revealed that
research in practice (RiP) is "essential yet close to impossible, given the state of the adult literacy field" (p. 105) in Canada.

For the study, practitioner-researchers in each province and territory, and an Aboriginal researcher, collected data about the state of RiP. Together the whole group analyzed the data. The central findings are explored in Chapter 6 of the book (pp. 105 - 117). Here is what they found were the central reasons why RiP is so contradictory:

  • We want to read research and engage in it, we just can’t spare the time or find the energy
  • Even so, or because of this, RiP is needed more than ever before
  • We must do RiP because we are so isolated, yet our isolation makes it impossible to do RiP!
  • Given the state of the field, RiP is essential, but the state of the field limits the value of RiP!
  • We are wary of research yet we use research skills all the time
  • RiP might lead to change, but would we like all the changes?

Over the coming weeks, we will share more about these findings, and what a range of people are saying about these contradictions.

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