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Monday, June 2, 2008

today was just a blur ... edupunk!

What is edupunk?

It is the post 2.0 thing. I guess every time something -- a movement, an approach, a wish -- gets a name the profiteers move in and the instigators and dreamers have to move on. As Mike Caulfield says,

"...to people like us, Learning 2.0, if it is to remain relevant, must not be relegated to the dustbin of “features” or “products”. It’s neither a product or a process, but a way of approaching things, of which products are only one of the results.

...What began as a clever pun has outlived its usefulness to us. We’ve known that for a while, but as companies begin to reduce the social web to a set of ingredients in their products — we have to go further than whether product x allows trackbacks or not.

...“Edupunk” gets us there — with its implication of technical accessibility, a DIY ethic, quick and dirty over grand design, and a suspicion of corporate appropriation it hits a lot of the right notes."

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