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Monday, July 28, 2008

what's in a username?

Over at the Daily Kos, MissLaura was blogging about building community that has power both online and offline and describing the thrill of meeting online comrades in meatspace, when she said this wise thing:

In each of those thrills, small and large, is a bit of what's needed for that movement cohesion. That we care about each other and each other's opinions ... creates the conditions for social pressure to do more, stay connected, and understand ourselves as part of something bigger than our own actions.

All of this makes me, makes each of us, a little better and stronger -- talking to people we never would otherwise, but now are connected to through this community; volunteering for a campaign because we have new role models, and friends to be accountable to; learning from each other; tempering each other's excessive optimism and raising each other up from defeatism. That's not to say it's perfect. It's to say that in community we have a potent force to work with in changing the country's politics and, along the way, ourselves.

And on that note, check out this group on Facebook: What's wrong/right with this picture?

A discussion of how adult literacy myths and facts are presented in studies such as the CCL's Reading the Future, the International Survey of Reading Skills, and the International Adult Literacy and Skills Survey. A place where some literacy workers discuss what we think of the ways these reports are used to paint a picture of adult literacy in Canada, how those pictures do and do not reflect our realities, and if we can find any common ground upon which to base a response from the field.
Join us!

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