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Thursday, October 9, 2008


The Ontario Literacy Coalition conference was a bewildering, challenging and exhilarating 3 days. Like all the best conferences, it was a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and network with esteemed colleagues.

The learner forum was incredibly energizing and I found myself being drawn there quite a bit more than I had planned. The creation of the special bulletin resonated with some learners at the forum. I think that both practitioners and learners are concerned about being left out when decisions that will affect them are being discussed and made. Learners want to read the two reports for themselves in order to contribute their own response to the recommendations. They have asked for clear language versions that are accessible to learners.

Alan Quigley, in his keynote speech, reminded us of how far our knowledge, skills and values have taken us. At the conference our great capacity to apply our heads, hands and hearts to potentially divisive conversations was challenged a number of times but, in the end, most were navigated in a way that was positive, inclusive and constructive. Great courage was shown, great leadership came to light and innovative approaches flourished.

Thanks again to the OLC staff and committee for a most memorable and engaging opportunity. Thanks to all who participated for enriching, energizing, supporting, stretching, reaching, demanding, pushing, questioning... in ways that make us proud to know you.

The OLC will be posting information and reults from the conference on their newly launched website as soon as they can.

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