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Monday, November 24, 2008


Do you know about ELMO?

No not that Elmo.

The Exemplary Literacy Material Online Reviews site by Literacy BC.

It is a "is a free, interactive, online database of adult and family literacy resources and reviews. It was developed to meet the ongoing need adult literacy providers and learners have for appropriate and high quality instructional and learning resources."

At ELMO you can:

  • Use ELMO Reviews to find resources - such as a novel for an adult learner, curriculum for literacy instructors, a tutor toolkit, a family literacy DVD, or a useful ESL Web site.
  • Discover which resources have proven useful - read reviews (and comments on the reviews). Check for mini-reviews (opinions) and field-reviews (how effective a resource is in practice.)
  • Add your voice - log in and writing your own review, comment on a review, or suggest a new resource for the ELMO reviewers to read.

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Don't forget to Subscribe to the latest e-News at www.ELMOreviews.ca... you'll get lots of ideas and best practices for using resources in literacy teaching!

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