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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

more meanderings

Here are some of the comments by literacy learners on Carol Goar's article, Put education focus on ABC not PhD:

From a Literacy Group

Here are four comments from literacy students in Toronto about the need for literacy programs:

-- I can do anything that is needed in my job, like drywalling, painting, framing and carpentry work. If I could read and write very good, I would be able to own my own business. I feel good that the literacy program is helping me to reach my goal.

-- My tutor says that I'm reading and writing better. I can read the subway signs now. I feel good that I can help my child more, too.

-- I'm 21 years old. I want to go to college to be a nurse. I need to improve my English skills first. I feel comfortable at the literacy program, and I am learning.

-- I'm a mom and I work part-time. When I come to the literacy program, I improve my literacy so that I can help my son with his homework. Also, I want to reach my goal of a full time job.

Submitted by Jumping In Group

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