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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

making comments

It has been brought to our attention that trying to make a comment is quite confusing and well, trying.

I have added a link in the sidebar on the right to the blogger "how to add a comment" page. And I have removed the need to type a secret word. The secret word step is there to stop robots from depositing advertising on a blog - you need a person to type in the word. I will leave that out and see if the robots become a problem!

If you have a blogger or gmail account, you can sign in and use that identity to leave a comment. If not, you can choose 'Other' and type in whatever information you would like to share. Or you can keep your identity a secret and choose to be 'Anonymous'.


Nancy said...


Thanks so much for this added feature to your blog. I hope this means that more people will add comments. I know I will!

Oh, I promoted this blog on the NIFL Technology listserv today as learner-friendly and making excellent use of clear language and design principles in a blog!

Nancy F


literacies publisher said...

Thanks so much Nancy.

I hope more people will make comments too. I think it will be more fun if we talk to each other.

Also ... if anyone want to become a guest blogger, please send an email to literaciespublisher at gmail dot com.

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