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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

speak up - if you want

Here's a fun way to get back to work after a long weekend...

Voice Your Choice in the Corporate Hall of Shame 2007!

Which corporations are the most abusive, manipulative and harmful? You decide.

Vote for the three nominees that deserve to be inducted this year—or use your votes to write in another corporate candidate. You can even post comments about why these corporations should be inducted.

Would you try this in your literacy program?
What do you think about doing activities like this with students?


Wendell said...

Our premier is busy gathering "business and labour leaders" together to fix the literacy challenges in our province. Since we don't actually have any labour leaders (the largest union represents civil servants), that means he looking to business to find literacy solutions. He's not inviting anyone from the literacy field itself. Maybe he already knows what we'd say.

Anyway, would I invite my learners to talk & write about harmful corporations? Not in this climate. Not if I wanted to keep my job.

I'm not even posting this comment... just thinking it...


literacies publisher said...

i know. i asked the question because i wondered what things are like across the country. i taught esl/literacy in the 90s and students accompanied me to anti-cuts-to-adult-ed protests on the legislature lawn. who knew those would seem like the good old days?

and now it seems the field is being completely left out of the literacy policy conversation. they didn't always act on what we said but at least we used to get invited to the table every once in a while.

it feels as though we are moving more and more to an employer-driven approach to literacy programming.

i am tempted to click the anonymous button ... but here goes ...

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