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Monday, January 12, 2009

revolutionary habits

Scott Heiferman "It's now awkward and loserish being around strangers (such as being on an elevator) without interacting with a screen. In fact, I'm typing this now, amongst strangers, to avoid contact and perhaps appear as if I have friends or responsibilities in the world. I wouldn't mind conversation or a quiet, contemplative, and/or work/social-free screenless moment. Scott Heiferman's Notes

The Revolution in the Hello "... we’re sluggish now from our deep sleep – we will go to the neighbor that we daily padded by with our iPod, go up to that person and slow down. Taking in that so ordinary and so fantastic neighbor – the revolution is here... If we walk in our streets again we re-magicalize them. Touching each other for a moment, “Hello!” - in that moment the architecture around us seems to change... Say hello to a neighbor and trade names and a new economy begins. Can we sense the release from debt and the launch into real wealth when we find a stranger who was always nearby but was lost in our consuming?" Reverend Billy: the church of stop shopping via Scott Heiferman's Notes

(Know Other People poster by Open downloaded from ReadyMade: Instructions for Everyday Life projects page 2)

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