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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

tooning in

This is the cartoon for this week at Cartoons for the Classroom presented by Newspapers in Education Online and the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists. Every week they post an editorial cartoon with a lesson plan that you can download. There is a cartoon evaluation sheet with questions that can apply to any of the cartoons and help students analyse and interpret the cartoon. The site also has videos and information about cartooning and cartoonists. Most of the content reflects an American perspective but they usually choose events that have international implications or are of international interest.

At the beginning of December the cartoon was about the prorogation of the House of Commons but it drew an analogy between that event and Custer's Last Stand and the lesson plan assumed knowledge of Custer that I am not sure is shared by our Canadian students -- in that case the cartoon might have muddied the waters for a Canadian audience.


Wendell said...

re: "might have muddied the waters for a Canadian audience" Especially since Custer's Last Stand was a failure, whereas the prorogation appears to have worked....

tracey.ca said...

ha ha. and :P indeed!

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