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Monday, April 16, 2007

our blogs of note

Check out some of our faves from the Blogosphere...
(updated March 28, 2008)

I have not updated this list since March 2008. Blogger introduced a blog feed and I added that to our sidebar. Some of the blogs below - the ones that have particular relevance to literacy workers - are included in that feed. The feed shows the 5 blogs that have been updated most recently. Click on the 'show all' link to see the complete list.

In no particular order:

Good Learner Blog: Learners - What Literacy is About
(full disclosure: literacies publisher moderates this blog)

Good Canadian Literacy Blogs:
Learning Outside the Lines: Adult Literacy in Ontario
Literacy Talk (PEI Literacy Alliance)
Yukon Literacy Blog

Good Action-Research: qualities - communities - literacy (New Brunswick)
(Wendell is also a Literacies author. See Literacy as a Barrier to Health/Health as a Barrier to Literacy)

More Good Action-Research: blog of proximal development

More Good Practitioner Blogs: Skills for Life Blog (UK) and realife (Australia!)

Good Work: LearningWork
Good 'How policy affects women's training and work': The ACTEW Blog (Ontario)

Good Literacy and Technology: LiteracyTech Blog
Good Education and Technology: OLDaily (Online Learning Daily)
Good Educational Technology: Beth's Blog , The Ed Techie
and Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day
Good Internet Practice: Community Bandwidth and Michael Geist

Good Data: Freakonomics
Good Correlation: Gladwell

Good Community StoryTelling: Media That Matters, Bristol Stories, Stories for Change, The Center for Digital Storytelling and The Organic City
(these are not all blogs but they are blog-like in that they are stories by people who might not be published in the MSM ~ mainstream.media)

More Good Stories: Comeuppance and Combe Martin

Good Writing Prompts: The Center for Improved Living
Good Words: Word Imperfect

Good Poetry: lambent gal and for poetry changes nothing

Good Things: 3 for 365
More Good Things: Boing Boing
Good Fun: Ze Frank and Bent Objects

Good Secrets: PostSecret
Good Finds: Found Magazine

Good Lefties: Vast Left Wing Conspiracy , Dodosville and Growing Gap


Nancy Friday said...

I really love and appreciate the Our Blogs of Note area. Maybe because I just really love the blogs that are noted here and appreciate the fact that they are easy to find when I come to the Literacies Cafe blog.

Thanks for this.


Anonymous said...

hi, and thanks for the plug.

i am ReaLife, and i am happy to admit that i am in australia!


please visit - love to hear from anyone...


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