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Thursday, August 9, 2007

more word games

Over at Word Imperfect:

"I choose an obscure dictionary word. You invent a wacky meaning. I put 3 invented meanings on the voting poll below and list the true meaning."
Estovers is the word for today.

My definition is:
people in ontario (central canada) call relatives and friends from the maritimes (eastern canada) who come to stay "estovers".

i better get the sheets and towels washed ~ the estovers are arriving tomorrow!
What is yours?

Post it over at Word Imperfect.

You can also vote for the best definition of scaramouch:
  • Scaramouch is a type of garrotte used in Scotland. During the middle-ages it was the favourite method of execution. It was made out of carded and spun sheeps' wool and fitted nicely into the little pocket at the back of the sporran. (lorenzothellama)
  • A scaramouch is an elaborate ruse, albeit shaky; a house or cards. (ingrid)
  • Scaramouch - a feather duster used by French maids (usually wearing short black skirts, white pinafores and fishnet stockings) who are appearing in stage farces (an odd theatrical format greatly loved by the British). (flamingo)

1 comment:

Nancy Friday said...

Heh Tracey and all!

Estovers works for me. I think I was recently an estover when I left Ontario and spent two weeks visiting my family in North Vancouver. Coming so far east from Vancouver, wouldn't that qualify me as an estover to them?

Or being from Ontario, specifically Toronto, will I always be a "centover"?


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