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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

new word

Craig over at Flip Flop Flying is looking for a new word:

"I think the English language needs a new word: something that describes a person who is less than an acquaintance,
but more than a stranger. ...
It seems to me, that this is a linguistic blind spot when it comes to relationships: family, partner, friend, colleague, acquaintance, [new word], stranger."
His quest made me think of Kurt Vonnegut's granfalloon.

Granfalloon: A group of two or more people who imagine or are manipulated to believe they share a connection based on some circumstance of little or no real significance.

__________: A group of two or more people who share a connection based on some little circumstance of significance.

Can you can help him out? Leave a comment on his blog. Or here.

P.S. While you are there, check out Whiskers and Whiskers II for more good data we can use.

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