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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

one dialect

These Brits can read the heck out of a poem can't they?
Canadian content anyone? I've scoured YouTube but no luck so far.

The Long War

Less passionate the long war throws
its burning thorn about all men,
caught in one grief, we share one wound,
and cry one dialect of pain.

We have forgot who fired the house
Whose easy mischief spilled first blood
Under one raging roof we lie
The fault no longer understood
But as our twisted arms embrace the desert where our cities stood
Death’s family likeness in each face must show at last our brotherhood

by Laurie Lee


Anonymous said...

Apparently written by Laurie Lee.

literacies publisher said...

thanks so much.

i put the first line into google and a variety of poetry sites and the only citation i found was the first stanza attributed to anonymous.

if you put the first line and laurie lee into the search engine - the poem comes up all over the place.


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