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Friday, December 21, 2007

partying with the mice

Have a great weekend everybody.
And for all of you who are having holidays next week, have a wonderful, restful time.

At Literacies, like Kermit and the mice, this evening we will be closing up for Christmas.

"It is a season when saints can employ us
To spread the news about peace and to keep love alive."

Literacy workers are thus employed every season. Thank you all for keeping the faith throughout 2007. Your steadfast commitment to equity, justice and compassion nurtures peace and understanding in ourselves, our families, our communities and beyond. You are the role models and the start of many ripples. Thank you. And bless you.


Anonymous said...

I am new here. Please can someone exlain to me about this and the other related forum for literacies - which has a published 'expiry' date of november 2007. here is it's address, although i am sure that you will know what i am referring to:
thanks for your help! :-)

Anonymous said...

maybe that comment wasn't very clear!
what i meant is: why did the other forum finish? and why was it planned from the outset to finish in november? and how is it related to THIS blog? please...
thanx in advance. :-)

literacies editor said...

Hi realife9

This blog is connected to Literacies, a magazine from Canada about adult literacy research and practice. The site for our magazine is at www.literacyjournal.ca. We publish twice a year: fall and spring.

Our most recent issue, on the theme of working in literacy, was published in October. You can read most of it at http://www.literacyjournal.ca/literacies/7-2007/readers_f07.htm

The other blog, workinginliteracy, was timed to coincide with the publication of our last issue. It was meant as a space to discuss the questions and dilemmas raised in that issue of Literacies.

Since our first issue, Literacies has always had some kind of online discussion to follow each issue. Workinginliteracy was our experiment with using a blog as an online discussion forum for our readers.

Hope this helps! And that you will explore the Literacies site at

Tannis Atkinson
Editor, Literacies

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