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Thursday, September 11, 2008

grains of sand

Culture is, in fact, nothing but a grain of sand, but therein lays its power, in its silent front. It operates in the dark. That is its legitimate strength.

It is full of people who are incomprehensible but very adept with words. They have voices. They know how to write, to paint, to dance, to sculpt, to sing, and they won’t let up on you.

From an open letter to Prime Minister Harper by Wajdi Mouawad

Frontline literacy practitioners are expected to do more with less. We spend increasing amounts of time on administration to answer demands for accountability. As outcomes are measured, it is easy to feel that our programs and our work are being measured. Who has time to read in a literacy program? Not the literacy workers. Who has time to write? Again, not the staff, unless it is writing grant proposals. What an irony that as literacy practitioners we can become alienated from the power of our own reading and writing. ...

We can better support our learners and ourselves if we use our own literacy abilities to shape this work that we love.

From Practitioners Making Time to Read and Write by Sheila Stewart, Literacies #1, Spring 2003.

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