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Monday, March 16, 2009


Sorry for not posting as promised last week. I got a little bogged down. We were making our last attempt to try to describe Literacies in terms that might get OLES to look at funding the journal again. We wrote and wrote and talked and talked but we could not get there. I hope everyone else got their proposals in without too much sweat and tears.

Speaking of sweat and tears, Carol Goar visited a literacy program in Brampton, Ontario and wrote about it in her column today.

It is one of Ontario's underfunded, undervalued schools of second chances. It doesn't look like a school. It's a warren of rooms in a suburban plaza. There are no lockers, no corridors, no principal's office.

It doesn't feel like a school either. There are few rules, routines or restrictions. The people who study here don't need discipline. They need hope.

Sometimes when I am in need of hope I watch this video. We have posted it here before but I think it is time to watch it again.

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