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Thursday, May 21, 2009

wonderful world

Well it has been a busy week running around trying to move ideas and things. In these stalled times, it can be hard to keep hope alive. When I feel as though the technocrats are crushing all the fun and talent out of everything, I watch this video to remind myself that the default setting for most people is to wish, bring, share and embody love.

On November 16, 2006, MadV posted a video on YouTube called One World. In the video, MadV was holding a hand up to the camera, on which was written 'One World'. This text accompanied the video:
"This is an invitation, to make a stand, to make a statement, to make a difference. Join in. Be part of something. Post your response now."

This is a compilation of the responses:

What a nice place it can be...

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Nancy Friday said...

Much appreciated - so quiet and so very powerful. So many verbs to live according to, eh! :) Nancy

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