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Monday, December 7, 2009


Well here it is December already and still no sign of the café blogger. Sheesh. I was laughing the other day because I could not muster up the 5 clicks it would take me to sign in and post a little message here.

I have lots of ideas but I am not sure about any of them. Perhaps I am suffering from brain crack. (Warning: NSFW - Swearing starts at 1:44.)

Or perhaps it is a case of monkey brain.

Unfortunately, I like my monkey brain.

I think it is a bit of monkey brain and a bit of feeling slightly adrift in the literacy field right now. I am working and I am enjoying the work I am doing but I do not feel grounded in practice with literacy learners. Could it be that I am blogless because I am currently part jumpy monkey and part drifting jelly fish? Well, monkeys can learn to collect a perfectly ripe coconut (3:15 - 6:45) ...

and ocean drifters are luminescent ...

so stay tuned!


Wendell Dryden said...


Welcome home. :)

risky mouse said...

Thanks. It was your post from December 3rd that really got me moving. It is so beautiful. I wanted to be part of this conversation again.

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