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Monday, February 15, 2010

fractal day

How are you all? Are you enjoying Family Day?

I have been SICK. I have had an absolutely miserable cold. Everything hurt and I was sleeping most of the day away. I am still not quite back to normal. My main goal for today is to stay awake for 8 hours in a row. But after just 3 I am craving a nap :P

One thing I did do was sleepily watch a show on TVO called Hunting the Hidden Dimension about fractals. What are fractals?

"Fractals, like the air you breathe, are all around you. Their irregular, repeating shapes are found in cloud formations and tree limbs, in stalks of broccoli and craggy mountain ranges, even in the rhythm of the human heart. Mathematicians are finally mapping the uncharted territory of fractal geometry, deepening our understanding of nature and stimulating a new wave of scientific, medical and artistic innovation stretching from the ecology of the rainforest to fashion design."

Fractals are the way math is beautiful and art and everywhere.

You can also watch the video here. It is just over 50 minutes.

And here is some excellent family fractal fun from Ze Frank:

The virtual kaleidoscope on Ze Frank’s Web site is easy for even the most technophobic user. Simply start to draw in the space above, and with a few choice clicks from your mouse, you can instantly see your own fractal creation become animated. You can choose among a variety of colors, and the speed in which you’d like to see your pattern wax and wane, and then bask in watching this very hypnotic kind of art. Best of all? Squinting not required. (VeryShortList.com)


Anonymous said...

Away with all infections!

My favourite screen saver plays fractals that are generated by all the computers that are hooked up to … Electric Sheep - http://community.electricsheep.org/

There are sample images – but seeing them in motion is something else – at http://www.flickr.com/photos/engrishisfun/sets/72157600925736908/

And an explanation of sorts at good old Wikipedia -


Anonymous said...

Nice to see the literacies cafe is back and running.

risky mouse said...

thanks rose. it is good to be back :)

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