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Friday, November 30, 2007

justice 2.0

Here is a message from Paul Hawken about how the largest movement in the world came into being, and how no one saw it coming.

All who seek out ways of facilitating, promoting, developing and enhancing ways of learning that are participatory, democratic and emancipatory are part of this movement. That's us, right? And all of these organizations and all of these people are our allies.

Thanks to Mark Federman via Stephen Downes for highlighting this video.


Nancy Friday said...

Oh that is just so nourishing to hear and see on a cold, dark and windy Friday night in Toronto after getting out of my hot epsom salt bath and relaxing for the 30 minutes afterwards. What a great way to transition from the work week and the streets to the weekend and home.

I must read that book!

Thanks for this.

I treasure this blog!


Mike said...

WiserEarth.org , a project of Paul Hawken and his team, is a tool and directory for those working on social and environmental change. Hawken mentions it at the end of Blessed Unrest. Currently there are more than 100,000 nonprofits on the site, and anyone can view it or contribute by adding their own organization for free!

It is a way for people and those working in these organizations to connect and visualize themselves as a movement. Check it out, anyone can use it and contribute!

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