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Friday, February 29, 2008

what the kids are doing now

Have a musical weekend. See you Monday.


Nancy Friday said...

You know, I just think at times that I am catching up and then something like this comes up and I feel like I am so far behind again.

I really am far behind, I just like to think that I am keeping up a little bit.

But wow! I am so far behind!!!!

It took the whole play for me to figure out that the person on the right was playing the bass.

Thanks again for at least giving me some glimpse of what's happening way ahead of me!

Nancy :)

literacies publisher said...

i know. these kids today. you give them something and you say, "this is for making phone calls" and you give them something else and you say, "this is for playing video games after all your homework is done"-- and what do they do? they start a band! what next?

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