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Monday, February 4, 2008

a literacy journal a little like us

Community Literacy Journal is a peer-reviewed journal from the United States of America. In some ways they seem similar to Literacies and in some ways, quite different.

Click here for a handy-dandy comparison chart.

They are certainly an important, and welcome, participant in the conversation.

Their mission is to "provide a place where community literacy workers and academics can share ideas, learn about activities and projects, discuss theory and practice, and share resources. ..." (read more).

They started in the Fall of 2006. They and publish two times a year. Their newest issue came out on January 25. Here is the Table of Contents:
Programming Family Literacy: Tensions and Directions
Story to Action: A Conversation about Literacy and Organizing

Rhetorical Witnessing: Recognizing Genocide in Guatemala

Rewriting Ideologies of Literacy: A Study of Writing by Newly Literate Adults

Repairing Inmates Through H.O.P.E.: Incarcerated Literacy and the Myth of Progressivism

Slipping Pages through Razor Wire: Literacy Action Projects in Jail

Looks amazing. They do not post their articles online but you can read summaries here. They have made their first issue available as a PDF file.

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Michael said...

Hi -- Michael here, from the Community Literacy Journal.

We like you, too! :-)

What a cool comparison chart.

Hope you all are well and that our paths cross some day.



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