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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

food tics

Al Jazeera has a great series on street food from different locations around the world such as Jerusalem, Cairo, Beijing, Nairobi, London, New York City, San Sebastian, and Penang.

The one on Jerusalem seems kind of topical. You might want to watch it on the Al Jazeera site and avoid the comments on You Tube :P

"Everything is overshadowed by politics in Jerusalem. Even the most basic of things like food. Food is a marker of identities and culture and is no different for the Palestinians and Israelis. It is a city torn by war - but whatever a citizens' race or religion, much of their customary street food is the same. What does that say about a shared identity and, despite decades of turmoil, how much hope does that bring for the future?"

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the United States making an early decision to turn its back on "English tea" in favour of coffee, a more "American" drink.

we are what we eat - in so many ways!

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