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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

blogging with passion

Judi asks, "Should blogging be more free ranging and not restricted to a topic?"

Some bloggers create what might be termed a web journal and write on daily events or interests. Some bloggers choose a structure, or prism, through which to view the world. They blog on a number of topics but always in relation to, for example, 3 good things that happened today or instances of lowercase l.

Some bloggers choose a participatory or web 2.0 structure. They set out conditions for users to create content such as ideas for improved living, creating vocabulary definitions, secrets, good finds, or resolving ethical dilemmas.

Some select a single topic for their blog and write only about that topic. And some choose a primary topic but give themselves some latitude to digress a little from time to time. Wendell thinks that, "running multiple blogs about multiple topics (e.g., literacy, sports, family news, medical breakthroughs, life on Mars... ) is more reader friendly than one blog with multiple topics."

As with most writing, the type of blogging you do depends upon the audience you wish to reach and your underlying reason for blogging. Your choice of topic(s) and structure(s) will help you create a readership and/or hook into a community of people who have similar interests. Blogging with passion and compassion will both deepen and widen your connection to the networks in which you participate and, perhaps, the transformative potential of blogging.

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Nancy Friday said...

Thanks Tracey for the link to Blogging with passion and compassion.

"People who blog want to connect" -is the thought that stays with me from my quick scan of it.

I think it is that element of connecting that has hooked me into blogging. And the fact that you can connect with people you may not ever or otherwise meet. It just opens the world of those with access to computers right up.

I also like the fact that images can be so integrated into the message delivery - "a picture worth a thousand words" works in blogging for me.

The combinations of message creation and delivery using words, images, video links, audio links, email, comments is just so rich.

And I see it as reflective of what makes good literacy (or any) instruction - the blends.


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