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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

moving and thinking

Well, this seems to be video time at the Literacies Café so here is one more.

In this video, an adult learner from Sierra Leone, speaking in Krio, shares her thoughts about learning to read.

Isutu (sp?) might be one of those people that Sir Ken was talking about - people who need to move to think. Or she might just be very happy. Even though I do not speak Krio and do not understand all of what she is saying, I think I get what she is talking about and I think that you will too.

Embedding has been disabled for this video so you will have to click here.


Nancy Friday said...


That is fantastic! As you know I taught for two years in Sierra Leone and I learned to speak Krio. Believe me, that was a challenge because you have to undo all sense of grammar that you ever learned.

The energy and humour and camaraderie in this video is just as things are there.

Never take reading and writing for granted. As Isatu says, she wants to be able to read and write so that anywhere she goes she will never be doubted by other people - her voice will have credibility.

She also appeals to the listener to help to maintain their school so they can move forward in vocational training.

The energy and enthusiasm is wonderful!

Thanks for this.


literacies publisher said...

Hey Nancy - I thought of you when I saw this and wondered if it would bring back memories. I did not know you spoke Krio. Thanks for helping with that.

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