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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

we were curious

The students who made the Learning is Power video recommended by Nancy Friday describe their class this way:

A team of 12 players and a coach with no idea where we were going, not even sure of what the goal was. We were curious and so we came. We saw how our fears got in the way of our learning. We moved away from fear and towards hope. We realized that learning is power. Here we are learning not just to read, write and do arithmetic, we are learning to be compassionate to ourselves and to each other.

The B-BALL (Becoming a Better Adult Learner and Leader) Squad at the Read/Write/Now Adult Learning Center at the Springfield City Library in Massachussetts, USA.

Oh the freedom of learning and having no idea no idea where you are going.
Oh the power of learning to be compassionate to each other AND ourselves.
Perhaps this is part of the 'big, quiet room' that literacy workers and learners create together.

But the ground of a man's [sic] culture lies in his nature, not in his calling. His powers are to be unfolded on account of their inherent dignity, not their outward direction. He is to be educated, because he is a man, not because he is to make shoes, nails, or pins.

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