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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

spa days

So to the pervasive sadness issue... and what to do.
Here's my best idea. Buy a lottery ticket, win $37 million and start the Foundation for Humane Literacy Practices (humanity in both learning conditions and working conditions).

I know, I know. So until we come up with something better ~ spa days! I am not of the have-a-bubble-bath-with-candles-and-incense school of feeling better, but I think we all need a DAY OFF, with pampering ~ a spa day.

I know, I know. So it might be a spa minute, or a spa half an hour. And it might not take place in a spa.

It might take place in a library.

I spent a library evening with my learners... no, not my learners... with some other adults who are learners like me. We talked about Blake and Milton (we rest don't know nuttin but one lady did), and why the inside angles of a 5-sided figure add up to 540', and how do berries from the Himalayas get to New Brunswick anyhow?, and how do you save a letter in the A-drive again?, and if you plant an onion and all you get is another onion...

and I feel much better. It's the work that keeps us going. The people. Not the politics or the pay.
Or the staff room.
In terms of what we all do to make ourselves feel better, ...when things were really rough for the staff team at a place where I worked (we were trying to be a collective inside of a hierarchy), we took time out at our staff meetings to share stories about what kept us going. It was really affirming and energizing.
Or You Tube!
My most recent lift comes from this YouTube video. It is just so coming from the right place.
Send us your best 'spa day' ideas.
We need your help.

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Nancy Friday said...

Spa days are a welcome relief for sure! I am of the epsom bath persuasion and have been known to spend the better part of a day being pampered at a spa! It is such a welcome escape.

What crazy lives we lead - swinging back and forth (often within one hour) between the stress of resistance to what just doesn't feel right and the letting go in the moment to savour a literacy learning moment of our own or someone we are with. Sometimes there just isn't the possibility of balance - just ride those waves knowing that there is a calmness after a storm.

The Literacy is Power video has been my source of balance lately.

I also have been listening to Ken Robinson as well "Do Schools Kill Creativity?" for affirmation - a gift from a friend named Tracey!

And this afternoon I'll be taking the ferry to Toronto Island for a refreshing walk and dinner at the Rectory Restaurant. A spa in itself!

Happy spa-ing!


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