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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

a school is like a heart

The first I heard of the situation in Attawapiskat was a forwarded email message from Danny Metatawabin.

Danny is the Education Administrator for the Mundo Peetabeck Education Authority in Fort Albany First Nations, situated along the shores of James Bay. In his email he asks, "How can there be effective teaching happening when certain communities have to teach out of portables? How can we provide for best programs and practices when we are working with an out-dated funding formula?"

Sound familiar?

Danny made this pledge:
"As a sign of protest for my fellow communities and fellow Education partners, and if I should receive 500 emails or more to support my protest for lack of action and commitment on the part of the Federal Government and INAC (Indian and Northern Affairs Canada), I will shut down my School for four days and light a Traditional Sacred Fire for those four days. This is as per our traditional Teachings for Prayers and Cause. I will also hope to acquire Board support and approval from Chief & Council in order to proceed with this process, and if I am to receive 500 emails or more."

You can read Danny's email message and find his address here:
Support from Fort Albany

You can read more about the eight-year campaign for the new school and how to support the Attawapiskat children at the Attawapiskat Blog.

Here is Chuck Strahl's email address: Strahl.C@parl.gc.ca

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Nancy Friday said...

Wow! That is a realy powerful video message - really packs a punch.

Thanks for highlighting this issue Literacies!

I wrote an email to Chuck Strahl as a direct result of this blog post.

Thanks for helping me stay active.

I'll let you know what Chuck has to say if I ever hear back from him!!!

Nancy :)

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