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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

asparagus redux

So here is the Mother's Day asparagus dish.

And here is a study about how important mothers are. I really like the Freakonomics blog. It is a treasure trove of odd but oddly relevant information.

Another blog I've wanted to tell you about is Julia's 3 for 365 blog. It is as refreshing as iced lemonade on a warm spring day and as cozy as sweet, milky tea on a frosty winter afternoon.

"Last year, I read about a study that measured the positive effects of writing down three good things everyday. It crossed my mind again on New Year’s Eve. Then and there, I decided I’d blog mine."

The May 14 entry is especially relevant to literacy workers and those who like playing with language.

I read Julia's blog for a while and then started my own 3 for 365. I decided to do an illustrated powerpoint slide each day rather than blog. I have never been a very good diarist but this method makes me reflect in a focussed - and brief - way each day and I find that a useful practice. Reflective practice!


TellingTales said...

This was an excellent asparagus dish. I feel fortunate I was able to partake of it.

literacies publisher said...

Thanks you. I am glad that you enjoyed it and I am especially glad you were able to be here.

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