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Friday, May 18, 2007

may two-four

In Ontario, we call this long weekend the May 2-4 weekend in tribute to the case of beer some of us (not me!) drink over the 3 days. Officially we are celebrating Queen Victoria's birthday, but most of us are celebrating the beginning of summer festivities - patios, barbeques, picnics, swimming, camping, frolicking on beaches, wearing sandals, not having to spend 1/2 an hour layering up in coats, sweaters, socks, mitts, scarves, hats and more just to walk to the corner. ... And of course ~ drinking beer outside!
This is from the Geist Magazine Phrase Book:

I say there are twenty-four beer in a "case." In Ontario, this is also called a two-four, and Victoria Day weekend is called May two-four weekend because at least a case of beer is consumed. Also, in Ontario, forty ounces of alcohol is called a forty-pounder.
Check out the phrasebook for a light-hearted look at why Canadians seem so puzzled whenever they leave their home province.

Whatever you call it and however you celebrate it ...
have a great looooong weekend.

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