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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

computers, computers, computers

Aaaaaaargh! If you are having a hard time teaching computers because you cannot be in eight places at once, check out these self-directed online lessons from the BBC WebWise pages.

Learn how to use the internet step-by-step
There are modules on different topics and you can test your knowledge by playing the weakest link game at the end of each module.

Learn how to use a mouse, keyboard and computer screen
There is a guide who takes you slowly and clearly through basic computer skills. The interface is a series of tv game shows. (Hint: in the shooting gallery, if you have no key with this symbol £, use the # symbol.) There is a skip button in case you stop part way through and want to find your place again later. (Warning: it involves quite a bit of clicking if you stop near the end.)

There are more BBC Learning Pages, including this skills practice one. It looks promising but I have not explored it yet. If you have a chance to, please share your review in the comments below.


Nancy Friday said...

Okay Tracey, I'll respond to the image of the spider as featured in the WebWise reference. I love the activities and the site as a whole, except for that darned spider that just keeps bouncing up and down to my left! I realize that it is a loading feature, and it is consistent from screen to screen, but for a visual learner like me, it is just plain distracting! There, I've said it.

The literacy student I meet with and I met by phone last week, and I directed her to the Skillswise site - to Reading - Scanning - to solve the murder of Angela Spelling. We agreed to both complete the activities and compare our solution when we meet today. I'll let you know how it went - both the activity and introducing it at a distance.


literacies publisher said...

i know, i know

spidey - stop now!

i kind of like the spider but i can see how he or she might be annoying.

look forward to hear what you both think of skillswise.

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