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Friday, May 4, 2007


From the Freire conference.

Chris Cavanaugh from Comeuppance told us the first story from Episode 9.

Thanks Chris for the Ah-hah! moment.
Yep - there were some GATT-Fly folk (now ECEJ) there too.

Read Chris' blog for more about the conference.
And lots of other good stuff.


Chris cavanagh said...

Hey folks,

i noticed a couple of referrals to my blog from your site and thus found your blog. Thanks for linking folks to my podcast and blog. Your blog looks brand new but seems to refer to a previous incarnation. I'd be happy to link people to your blog and Literacies site. Anything you'd like me to feature in particular?

literacies publisher said...

hey chris,
good to hear from you. our blog is brand new. we have never blogged before but the magazine has been around for a few years. we had a funding hiatus last year and are just resurfacing.
it would be great to be linked to your blog - link stuff you think your readers might like.
we used to try to do oral history projects on the website - we never got the "oral" part going too well and are not funded for that work any more but perhaps you know storytellers who could help out?
cheers, tracey

literacies publisher said...

o and ps - thanks for being the 1st commenter not related to me :-|

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