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Friday, May 25, 2007

more bugs

I just used the Babel Fish translator (see the bottom of the sidebar to your right) to translate this page into French. That literal little fish cracks me up. Today she translated Kate Nonesuch as "Kate inégalable." Beautiful babel! I wonder what happens in Korean?


Nancy Friday said...

I have used Babel Fish to communicate with my brother-in-law in Spain and it has worked fairly well in terms of getting the message across, but he can't face the grammar issues with a straight word of word translation.

What works better from my brother-in-law's point of view is the Google translator - so I have switched.

Not being a Spanish speaker I can't make the comparison myself, but I trust his assessment.


literacies publisher said...

hi there nancy,

thanks for the info. i tried to find and install the google translator widget. it exists but adds weird extra buttons that just complicate matters and i cannot edit them away. i checked the french translations and there really was not much difference - google did a better job on a couple of things and babel on a couple of other things. they both translated 'nonesuch' as 'inégalable' - what can one do but revel in the imperfections that arise when we try to find a way to program cultural events and practices?

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